Who We Are

  • iFundScores was created by Jackson Analytics, a leading investment data marketing firm.
  • Our key principals have extensive investment industry experience with data creation, analysis, and distribution.

What We Do

  • iFundScores provides investment research on 15,000 mutual funds, closed-end funds, and exchange-traded funds.
  • We don't rate the quality of a fund - we rank them across more than 70 categories.
  • As such, there can be only one #1 fund in each of the 70 categories we track.

How We Do It

  • iFundScores screens are purely quantitative.
  • Fund rankings are based solely on how our algorithm analyzes the data.

Why We Do It

  • A simple, cost-effective research tool can add significant value to an investment advisor's bottom line.
  • Investing in a conscientious manner isn't rocket science - but it does require access to data that is easily organized.
  • All investors should have easy access to reliable mutual fund data and mutual fund research at a reasonable cost.