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The website allows subscribers to create their own custom portfolio, so subscribers can monitor a set of funds they select, and see where they rank in the database of more than 15,000 funds.

The website enables subscribers to set their own investment policy parameters, and will color code each scorecard based on unique targets and tolerances.

So, is your advisor recommending a mutual fund? Getting a recommendation from your boss or a parent? Check it out. See how the fund has done against its peers over the past 3- and 5-year periods.

Morningstar analysts use performance data, fund characteristics, manager interviews, comparative analysis, and other tools to help them assess the quality of a fund. As such, several funds in a given category (large cap growth, for example) may be awarded a 5-star rating if they qualify.

iFundScores is concerned soley with performance, individual fund characterictics, and how funds compare to each other on their quantitative merits.

A rating has a subjectve component to it (think "R-rated film," or "Top-rated HD-TV"), while a rank is purely quantitative.

iFundScores believes, as in sports, elections, and warfare, there can be only one winner. As such, our algorithm is engineered to help us determine, how one fund against its peers based solely on performance and fund characteristics. There is no subjectivity or bias in our calculations.

As long as a mutual fund, closed ended fund, or exchange traded fund has a 3- year track record, it is automatically included in our database.

First, the algorithm is the product of more than 3 years' worth of design and testing, so we've been able to identify and weed out the bugs in the program.

Secondly, the algorithm is designed to measure and generate metrics that are purely quantifiable - there's nothing subjective here. iFundScores uses 13 different measurements to score and rank each fund in a weighted manner. So when you see the #1 fund in a category, you can easily determine why (based on the metrics) the fund is top ranked.

Lastly, the algorithm was designed to identify the most consistent outperformer, and maintain a balanced blend of risk and return.

Here is a link to our Glossary page. It's all there.

We're glad you're worried about us. We understand and appreciate that most internet users want to pay for neither information nor for investment advice services... especially services that are replete with conflicts of interest.

iFundScores’ revenues will be derived from advertising, partnerships with investment management companies, online brokers, related entities, and subscriber list rentals.

But because the algorithm is set, and generates data that is completely unbiased, there is no way for any of our future partnerships to influence the results of subscriber search activity.

Although the iFundScores service has no fees, doesn't mean that it's free. In exchange for information that is primarily demographic, iFundScores will be able to create a database of its subscribers which can be used to:

1. create targeted content, special offers, and partner discounts; and

2. enable iFundScores to share that information with future partners and advertisers.

We understand that for many subscribers, such an arrangement may be suboptimal. However, for us, it's the least obtrusive way for us to provide a valuable service free-of-charge while also making a buck or two for our trouble. We hope you understand.